Aquafresh Kids Toothpaste Advance 9-12 Years 75ml (Pack of 2)

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Aquafresh Kids Toothpaste Advance 9-12 Years 75ml

What is Aquafresh Advance: It is a specially designed toothpaste for children from the age of 9 — 12 that provides special care for mixed teeth, and gums while strengthening enamel at the same time.

Why choose: Aquafresh Advance toothpaste is specially designed by dental experts to provide expert protection for new permanent teeth while being gentle on vulnerable enamel. With twice-daily brushing it provides 6 key benefits:

  • Cavity prevention
  • Enamel protection
  • Healthy gums (with twice daily brushing)
  • Fights plaque (with twice daily brushing)
  • Gentle on teeth
  • Cleans in and around spaces

How does it work:

Aquafresh Advance toothpaste contains fluoride which provides cavity protection and enamel strengthening which helps in the fight against everyday sugar acid attacks.

What causes tooth decay: Due to everyday sugar acid attacks, vital minerals can be lost from tooth surfaces over time, increasing the risk of tooth decay and cavities. Aquafresh Advance can help prevent cavities and help protect enamel.

How to take care of mixed teeth:

Oral hygiene is important from the youngest age. To reduce risk of tooth decay, twice-daily brushing is highly recommended. With regular brushing, Aquafresh Advance toothpaste protects against cavities, helps fight plaque, and helps maintain healthy gums.