Huggies Pull-Ups Day-Time Girl Training Pants Size 6, 36 Pack_15-23kg Mega Pack

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Huggies Pull-Ups Day Time Training Pants for Girls are perfect for easy toilet training during the day.

Suitable for kids 2-4 years  

With its unique learning features and advanced technology, Huggies Pull-Ups help potty training girls


They learn wet from dry. The learning layer inside these pull-ups nappy pants mimics the feeling of wet underwear to teach your child to recognise the sensation of feeling wet.

The designs on these pull-up pants fade when they get wet to teach your child the difference between wet and dry.

With the super soft and stretchy 360˚ waistband, watch as they start practising pulling their pants up and down by themselves.

The waistband helps to make the pull-ups comfortable and flexible to wear, which means your explorer can continue to hop, skip and jump to their heart's content!

Featuring the best fit ever, easy to pull on and tear off. Perfect for fast removal for quick clean ups.

With exciting designs, encourage your child to feel like a big kid in a pair of cool pull-up pants!

  • Learning Layer
  • Flexible Fit
  • 360˚ Waistband
  • Wetness Indicator
  • Comfy & Practical
  • 36 Pack